Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is Here

So I AM posting here for the first time in months.  I have been so busy with my garden and other projects.  I built 21 raised planting beds recently and have been busy filling them with good soil for my organic garden this year.  I still have lots to do and many more loads of soil to collect and fill them with.  Today I am starting some seeds finally.  I had preferred to get this done before, and now is better than never.  Perhaps I will purchase some starts to get the first crop growing.  I am also building some cold frames so the little baby plants won't get frost bite.  I am new to serious vegetable gardening and I am very excited about growing my own organic food.  

Now for beading...I just found these yummy beads and they are calling me to work with them.  I've been out of the creative mode for some time now and most of my attention has been working on my spiritual self.  Sorting out and making new choices from my past.  I have worked quite a bit on all of that and I know I have more to do...I feel new right now and I love my glorious life.  My new choices are loving and full of life and my creative spirit is calling me.  I'll post some pictures of my new creations soon.


Belinda said...

Hi Barbara Thanks for visiting my blog and joining in my PIF, could you please send me your address so I can send off your surprise. I am still hoping for another couple players, we'll see. I am going away for a couple a days over Easter and will post links to the entrants blogs then. Take care Belinda
p.s your beading is gorgeous.

V---'-@ said...

I love your work! And I am so with you about the call of the beads. Sadly, even though beading is my livlihood, I love it so much it feels like I'm rewarding myself when I bead instead of working!

On the other hand, housekeeping is definitely work.

spirit dolls by paula said...

your work is beautiful, and i can understand that pull to be out in the garden. i am growing broccoli, potatoes, arugula, tomatoes, chard, among other things. all organic. i could spend all day out there!

Kat said...

Wow I am really fascinated with your beaded doll. Very nice. I was just out checking out the blogs on the bloggers craft site. Very nice blog. Have a great weekend.

Barbara said...

Wow, I haven't been to my own blog in months. I am pleased to see the comments here and apologize for not responding. Thank you all for such nice comments and thanks so much for visiting.