Monday, May 26, 2008

Beaded Vessel

Since I've finished that mask, I thought I would tend to some UFO's (un-finished objects) that I had.  This vessel was made a couple of years ago but I needed to add the finishing touches to it.  It is made using a circular peyote stitch and then increasing and decreasing.  It started out as an experiment with increasing and decreasing a freeform vessel.    Very simple really, but I know it has a lot of bling for a vessel.  Sometimes I just go over the top a little. I am happy as to how it turned out.  My favorite colors too! 


Kiwi Ellen said...

Barbara I love your beaded vessel, your use of colour is delightful & who doesn't need some bling in their life ;9

Barbara said...

Thanks Ellen. I agree...who doesn't need a little bling in their life!

Noel said...

Barbara, your beaded vessel is quite the colors and I agree it's definitely bling!

E/less said...

Oh Lord,,,,,,,this is way kewl,,I so want to do a vessel and just dont know where to start with it all..It just lovely, I love it.

Hugs E/less

Maggie R said...

Hi Barbara..
Thanks for dropping by my blog....
I'm returning the visit and just have to tell you this vessel is gorgeous. I want to do one too but I am like E/Less I just don;t know where to begin.
Oh well it isn't as tho I don't have anything else to do!!!! hee hee