Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring is coming!

So the time changed today and it is still dark here at 7:15 am.  The good news is that Spring is coming very soon.  Yesterday I worked in the yard all day planting a front section of my yard.  I hope it is spaced OK since the plants are small and I know they will grow to mature a nice size.  Once everything is matured, I think it will be quite lovely.  I planted lots of evergreen plants and some flowering ones too, lots of purple of course! 

On another note...I  have signed up for another challenge in my yahoo group, the puzzle piece in yellows.  Since yellow isn't one of my best colors, this should be interesting.  I have been wanting to use some yellow beads that I've had for years and this looks like a great opportunity for that.  Now if I can only find some more time to complete all these challenges along with everything else I have to do...oh's all good!