Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No visit to NYC... :(

So I didn't get to go into the city due to the ONE snow storm they had for the year.  Wouldn't you know that would happen on the ONE day I was to go????  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to find other haunts closer to me.  It will be a good thing anyway since it is a bit difficult for me to be in a negative environment. (Don't want to mention what I really mean here for privacy reason.)  I do love NYC though!  After a visit to where we stay, it always takes me a couple of days once I return to get back to my usual happy existence full of love and in particular my wonderful kitties!  I really love living in the Pacific Northwest as it is the most wonderful place on the planet to live, at least in my view. I am really happy to be home.  Now, off to work on that mask, or maybe I should go bead shopping!  Sounds like a good day to come.  

Life is too short to spend complaining.  Gratitude is necessary for happiness.  I am in love with life and am very grateful for all that I have.

Nuff said.


Kiwi Ellen said...

Lucky you getting to shop in NYC, plus a shopping spree at Shipwreck.. I am overdue for a beady outing ~ grin ~ Do share your booty when you get back home

Kiwi Ellen said...

LOL at myself I really should read more carefully..
Sorry your trip to NYC didn't happen, maybe we can both plan to go to the Bead Fest in July to have some beady R&R