Sunday, August 21, 2011

Studio Tour

So now that I'm back from the show, I have much work to do for the lovely ladies that wanted something special.  Thank you all so much for visiting me and purchasing my creations.  I am truly grateful.

One other thing that happened this time around is how many compliments I received on my booth.  Several people, not just one or two, told me how fabulous my area looked.  Here's a photo of what I had.
This was truly my best show to date.  
Many of my museum quality pieces found homes.  So grateful for that.  I hated to part with many of them and I am happy not only that the new owner just loved them, but that they will be well cared for and enjoyed.  Puts a smile in my heart and makes me happy to do that for someone else too!

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Holly said...

I *love* your setup, Barbara! What a great job :) And congratulations on the successful sale...nothing quite like that feeling, is there?