Friday, June 25, 2010

Beading For A Cure

Well I am finally getting to post my photo of the Beading For A Cure challenge piece I made. We received some absolutely beautiful PURPLE beads for this challenge and I knew I wanted to create an embroidered heart as the focal piece. Once I finished the main heart, the rest just came together with some added peyote connecting the embroidered pieces. I had much fun doing this as this is my first year of creating for the BFAC. My friend Connie used to do it every year and I was always too late submitting my request, but this year I made it on time. This was fun and I do hope to contribute again next year.
This was actually a Challenge and Competition. I am not interested in the competition however. I am really grateful for the opportunity it provided me to create something from my heart.


joven said...

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Lucy said...

What a gorgeous piece. I'm quite new to jewellery making but would love to make something that complicated one day. Lucy x

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MMAFi said...

♥ your beautiful artistic pieces! keep it up! oh, and i'd really appreciate if you follow me too. ^_^
thanks much! have a lovely day ahead!xoxo♥