Friday, May 23, 2008

Global Art Challenge Doll

So I finished this doll for the Global Art Challenge.  I am calling it The Guardian.  It appears that we do need to stand guard to repair the hole in the world.  This Guardian has blossomed out of a gourd, complete with the magical crystal wand to ward off any negative energy.  The Guardian stands tall and proud while ready to protect.  We need to take pride in our earth and do all we can to protect it from destruction.  

My Muse always wants to look at things with a light hearted view.  The whimsical side of me just had to jump in here on this very serious subject. Hopefully it does not offend anyone.  If we can put love and heart felt energy into our everyday lives, the hole in the world would begin to heal.  A simple smile can start one on a journey towards happiness.  


Anonymous said...

Beautiful doll. I love it. More beads would make it...over done lol


Noel said...

What an amazing are one inspirational, talanted lady.
I love that she is in a gourd base.
Barbara, is she a stump doll form?
Thanks for sharing.


Barbara said...

Hi Jeanne and Noel, Thanks for visiting and commenting. I love that!

She was made by just sewing up a tube and stuffing it. Super simple but I love the effect and am glad you do too!