Thursday, April 24, 2008

Look at the PIF I received!

I just returned home from our trip to Maui and waiting for me was this PIF from Ralonda.  Wow, she was fast!  She sent me this sweet little doll in a cute little tin.  I think it was the tin that I sent out to her in my PIF that she transformed into a nice little resting place for this cute little doll.  She also sent some assorted beads, pearls and chips of some sort.  A very nice surprise to find when I got home.  Thanks so much Ralonda.  All in my favorite colors too!

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Ralonda said...

The tin was one from the scrapbook store (still savoring the chocolates!)The chips are dyed coral to go along with the "sea" theme. That face was the only thing I have ever gotten from the B&B show and it was sent to me by a friend. So glad you like your PIF!