Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Celesteena the Puzzle Doll

I finished the puzzle doll Celesteena that I was beading for a challenge on Beaded Art Dolls.  She is quite sparkly with all the Swarovski's I added.  I originally had a different face made but while I was adding a sealer to it, I ruined it so I needed to make another one.  This one got some hearts added to it since I knew I wanted to do a heart for the main body of her.  I'm quite happy with how she turned out.  I was going to bead the back in reverse colors using blue with yellow as the accent, but I really like her just like this.  I made a hanger for her as she is flat (with a bit of dimension) and will really look good on the wall of my art studio.  This was a challenge to do something in yellow, which is not one of my favorite colors, but since I've worked on her, I have grown quite fond of that color and I will probably use it in my work much more than I have.  It's a wonderful thing to do a challenge and learn to love things in a new way.  Now, I'm off to do more on that beaded mask.  I am getting closer to the end of that too.  I hope to finish it before we go off to Maui next week.  But then again, I do have until the end of May before it is due.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Barbara, Your Puzzle Doll is truly beautiful. What great beading your have done and I really love her heart. Hugs Judy

Noel said...

Wow she's a beauty Barbara....I love the blue, it really makes the yellow pop! Great beading and the heart is a very nice touch!

Barbara said...

Thanks so much Judy and Noel. Nice to see you here. She was great fun to make and thanks to Noel for the idea. Love it! I will be making more.

Mary S said...

Just BEEEAAUTIFUL Barbara..I am in love with her!



Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, you may certainly add my link to your page.

Thanks much,


Hi, Barbara

I don't know how my post above got added here...lol!

I meant to say...I LOVE YOUR WORK, and your blog. I can see we both love Swarovski crystals. This piece is truly beautiful!

Thanks for your lovely comments, and signing up for my MAY drawing. Your name is now added.

Hope this post gets on here...instead of the other one again.